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Never where suspected - but always outta mind

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2 September 1987
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What shall I say - meet me, talk to me, make your mind up to me. That'd be a lot easier. Words are not enough and far too much to describe a simple, complex human being.
Understood? Good.
(and yes, one thing I can tell you - I'm blunt and I love to be)

Let me tell you - I'm weird. Consider it as friendly warning. If you have a problem with authors of any kind(with all of the flaws an author usually has... *coughs something about having no social life just for social lifes sake - only for research sake*) - you're wrong. If you hve a roblem with fan fiction authors - bye. If you have a problem with fantasy authors... well you know where the door is? And if you have any problem with the issue of homosexuality in any form - you have an enemy.

If you don't get along with women spending most of their free and concious time with scribbling or typing, I really don't wanna know you. If you can't handle a girl that FLIPS over her new favourite anime or the fact her favourite author publishes a new book - let's say short a FANGIRL - I never knew you.


If you're a victim of the totally general madness of normal life - welcome. Nice to meet you.


Did I mention my sister considers me as a psychopath? *coughs*

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