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*blows away the dust*

I'm still alive!
Single, by now and out of the dump - and alive! Whahoooo!

I offer you a drink or two...

Right now I'm surrounded by alcohol.
There are two types of honey liqueur and a coffee liqueur here. Also a teensy itty bitty rest of an pinapple liqueur. (gonna redo this one soon. Gives off pretty, pretty pictures.). Additionally there are two of my experiments waiting to be sampled and both smell delicious:
The orange-with-brandy liqueur and the Christmas liqueur - i probably get to write a proper report tonight already for my other blog (forgive the shameless self promotion.).

Also I'll set up a new batch of Sakurako Hachimitsu soon, since my dear Tesla comes visiting.
so, there's much, much more alcohol I alone can drink.
anyone wants to help out?

Psssst... pass it on...

My liqueur blog is finally on.
Check out thefinebeverage for nice stuff with some kick, for stories and progresses of new recipes and for crappy pictures of good stuff.

Aug. 21st, 2012

So, still alive and still kicking. And soon moving back to Germany. 
My boyfriend bears with me for half a year now... even taken the long-distance-thing into account, considering he's together with me... the man deserves a medal. ... let's hope he wont loose patience with me when we're seeing each other more often again than every 3 weeks for a weekend.

Ah well.
People who follow my tumblr may or may not have noticed I picked up the liqueur making thing even more now.
And by now I am musing about creating a third livejournal - aside of my general, fangirly and crazy one and the one about my writing stuff - should dust it off too, come to think of it.

Would be people interested in the stuff I cook up when dealing with alcohol?
How should it look like? Mere presentations of the outcome, reports about taste, etc. or also something about how I cook them up? 
Would people be interested in my experiments - one of the things I REALLY love about this is fiddling out new, own recipes... even though it needs pretty many attempts until they are ok. ^^° 

... ideas?

New liquers today!

I proudly present you with some new creations of mine, a coffee liqueur and a mocca cream dream.


Both are done on the same basis – fine grinded coffee powder (as fresh as you can get it, although it has no influence on the taste – but fresh, aromatic coffee smells better when you're aout to make a mess of your kitchen), fine, powdery sugar (dissolves better) and a vanilla shot. Also some water. For the kick I use rum.

In order to make mocca liqueur I take a bit less water. The amount I cut I add in cream afterwards.

It's dangerous to go and read what's hidden under the cut alone. Take this! *hands out glasses*Collapse )

Right now I am musing about how to turn a recipe for pineapple liqueur into one for mango (error and trial I suppose... well, at least high percentage liquors are cheap here).

Also I'm itching to try making a chocolate liqueur on the basis of my mocca cream recipe.

Above all I wanna try net time with a proper scale. I am curious whether or not I got the proper amount of coffee powder this time (had no scale.)

Viennan diary

Sorry for the long delay.

So, I'm in Vienna now. Semester abroad officially started. Boss was not happy to let me go. I had to give her my holy, high Sibi-promise to come back and to resume my work at the store. Boss is adorable.

Moved on march 30st. - Friday was the big clean-out day in my old flat, Saturday morning me and M. took my stuff into the car and off we were.
The ride went smoothly. No delays, aside from two breaks. M. and I spent most of the ride talking, laughing and making plans for what to do during the days he would stay with me and already planing ahead for weekends when he could visit me. Or we would sing on the top of our voices.
I already started missing him - and I actually knew I'd still have the rest of Saturday, then two whole days and Tuesday morning with him.
We arrived around 6. pm at the house where I took residence in. M. likes my housemates.
Then it was carrying boxes and unpacking boxes.

Sunday we spent roaming the city,partly sightseeing, partly searching for a pharmacy that offered service today - we both had minor medical emergencies.
M. agreed with me that I picked a fine city to spend my time at.
And we found out Viennan delivery services are not overly reliable when it comes to delivering to outer districts. Much to our chargrin. We went to bed hungry.

Monday was a bit more sightseeing and much hilarity. We found the Nimetz factory store. Nimetz is a producer of sweets - and one of their specialities is a candy bar named "Manja". We had a laugh about it.

Tuesday he left, I could barely hold my tears - in fact I could NOT hold them completely - but I kept somewhat composed until he was actually gone. We said goodbye in the middle of the city. And as soon as his ar was around the corner I broke down and cried my heart out. (no, I am not a stranger who abducted, bound and gagged the Sibi you all know. I actually DO cry when people I love and care for leave me for unpredicted time.

In the evening I had calmed down enough to buy some ingredients for making liqeur.
Oucomes were a bsic honey liqueur and my first, VERY botched attempt at coffee liqueur.

Wednesday night I killed off my notebook and Thursday I had to buy a new one. Which gave me troubls, thank you very much, Windows.

I spent my time until lectures start (next week - yes, my courses are all a bit behind. I don't mind) looking for a job and finding a prospective one at the local Subway sandwiches store and a sure one as a street-girl-to-chat-people-into-donating-money-to-a-human-rights-organisation. Latter one up til now is frustrating.

An I way too much love the biggest Autrian antque book store. *___*
Next week lectures begin.

Happy Birthday

Dear sorion , may your next life year - and any year beyond - hold love, kindness, luck, fangasms and fangilisms in store.


I'm officially inscribed at the university of Vienna now, I've found out the city is far larger and much more confusing than Augsburg will EVER manage to be, my short skirts apparently raise mroe eyebrows (and probably other things too... ew.) here - and no, Mister, me wearing one gives you NOT the right to try and take photos of me. Ass.

Ina is one of the most adorable and cute and sweet persons I've ever met, she concluded I'm a squirrel (I gave up arguing. It's like talking to a wall) - and she now knows I actually DO have an aura that attracts creeps.

All in all, interesting.

Liqueur blog - Honey liqueur "Bear trap"

Since december I more or less started discovering the wondrous world of home made liqueur and today was finally the day I used the liqueur recipe book I got from a friend for Christmas.

Reason was: my new boyfriend celebrates his birthday soon and Sibi wants a nice present for him.
Since all discussions proofed fruitless I finally grumbled: "Ok, boy, I'll get you some mead."
Cue him squealing like a child.
And cue me thinkning of a suprising twist and making liqueur.

0,7 ml Vodka (37 vol) meets peel of a lemon, meets 500 ml robinia honey.

Let the honey get liquid, mix it with the vodka and the lemon peel, let it rest and the peel sink in. Then fill into bottles.
Do not keep it in plasic bowls.



Fine sweetness, fresh aroma. Taste may vary depending on the honey used of course.


Ok, Folks.
Wo wants to take a trip with me to the USA and blow up CBS?

Cause... I seriously can't name ALL the 20.000 ways this is wrong, wrong, WRONG, so I'll leave it with a short summary.

To spare you the pain of reading the article: “Elementary” will not be completely like “Sherlock.

They make SIGNIFICANT changes.

Like… John becomes “Joan”. That’s right folks. Instead of a subtext-ladden bromance with two people headbutting we’ll get idiotic amounts of very, very blantant UTS which will be resolved in an episode that will be labled “Soft porn” - and probably they’ll either make “Joan” a straw feminist who SO WONT TAKE A SHIT from Sherlock - or she’ll bear with it and become a doormat.

Oh, and she lost her licence. You know, since women don't fight in Afghanistan, and thus are not traumatized by the war. So she'll have to made somewhat incompetent to her job (or at least seem incompetent.), thus loosing her licence. Cause we SO CAN'T mention Afghanistan. So Watson is there without own income, dependant on the man. Hummmmm.... sounds oddly familiar... hummmmmm... oh, yes.
Feminism thrown backwards for 50 years. Thank you, CBS!!!!!

Both not quite my idea of a strong female lead.

Not to mention how utterly this F***ery ignores the original. How was that again? Holmes having no particular regard for women, being only impressed by Irene Adler? And being quite asexual in general (or Watson-sexual, whatever)? … both things BBC conveyed wonderfully but will be totally ignored by THAT change.

Damn, I'm sick.


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